Twitter moments are best used to highlight a specific topic of your choice, and can be used to increase engagement and spark conversation. While only a few businesses are using Twitter Moments so far, there are some good examples that you can adapt for your own marketing efforts.

1. Feature Influencer Tweets

Feature Influencer Tweets

Partnering with influencers and celebrities can help you generate a flood of immediate traffic and skyrocket visibility on your campaigns. If an industry expert or other major influencer has interacted with your business, make sure you feature it in a moment.

When actress Octavia Spencer tweeted about her upcoming movie Gifted, it was featured as the first tweet in the moment about the movie’s new trailer. It also included tweets that tagged stars in the movie like Chris Evans and Jenny Slate.

Featuring influencers in your moments can help you gain more momentum and visibility.

While most small and medium size businesses don’t typically have celebrities endorsing their products, featuring tweets from industry experts is still a huge deal. Place the tweet from the influencer at the beginning of the moment to ensure that it’s seen immediately. Find the example Below

Twitter moments are a great way to promote an event, whether it’s upcoming, happening live, or has already passed.

Derby Central’s Twitter moment promotes their upcoming tournament event. It features their own tweets to give users all of the pertinent information they need to know for the tournament, including previews, predictions, and upcoming matchups.

Twitter Moments is a great way to promote your events, getting users hyped about what’s coming and giving them all the information they need in one place.

Featuring some of your own tweets in a moment allows you to distribute important information of value to those who may participate in the upcoming event. Using a mix of your informative messages along with tweets from other users can be a strong promotional tool for any event you’re a part of.

3. Repurpose Video

Repurpose Video

Video has made a huge impact on social media, and incorporating video tweets in your moment can be an effective way to tell a story. Using a video as your cover photo can also get your moment a ton of traction.

This moment from the NBA’s Twitter account showcases a big play from an NBA basketball game. It includes videos of the same play shot from different angles, keeping users scrolling through the entire moment and maximizing interest and engagement. The videos are dynamic, and you can feel the excitement from the game and the audience watching it from the arena.

Using video in your Twitter moment can help boost engagement and improve results.

As an added bonus, the NBA’s moment was timely, meaning it was highly interesting to users and there was a ton of content to choose from to add to the feed. This only strengthens the campaign and improves success.


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