With 100's of influencer marketing & content marketing agency wanting your business, how can you choose? Experts explain how to set your goals, put it in an RFP, and snag the best creative team

Is an Influencer Marketing Agency Right For you?

Before beginning the search, a small company needs to think critically about what role an influencer marketing would play into your business objectives. Whatever the reason—whether you're planning for accelerated growth like brand outreach, lead generations or sale campaign in your targeted geographic—it should be fully formed before you first reach out to Influencer Marketing agencies.

Write a Request for Proposal

Once you've addressed the tough questions about why you need an influencer marketing agency is right for you, it's time to put their answers down on paper.  A request for proposal (RFP) is the most common way companies share a little bit about themselves and your advertising objectives, as well as any financial requirements or contractual stipulations that make your request unique.

Find the Best Influencer Outreach Agencies

With an RFP in hand, it's time to start the actual search.Remember that agencies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors: there are thousands of them, and they are constantly changing. Instead of plunging in blindly, enlist the help of your peers

Find people you trust who have been through the process recently to keep you up to date with the dynamics of the industry," Vaughn advised.  "Even if you did a selection process three years ago, half those agencies are going to be very different today."

Other search methods include reaching out to local media outlets—newspapers, broadcast stations, and radio stations—to see what agencies they work with most often or using the resources of content marketing agency trade association

Enter Into Selection Meetings Prepared

Meetingwith potential agencies can be intimidating, but the experience tends tooverwhelm less when companies do their homework. These meetings allow you to really see how an agency works from both a creative and a business sense,so it's important to make sure you ask any questions or express any concerns toget all the answers and assurance you need to make a final decision. 

1.   Do they Have Influencers in your business theme?

2.   How do they have help with your brand outreach

3.   Have they executed any influencer outreach campaigns similar to your business?

4.   What is their communication way?

 "Alladvertising agencies can do pretty much any kind of work for any kind ofclient. That's what they do," says Deck. "But the truth is they shineon certain things more than others. It's really important to make sure they'rereally clear about what they're strongest at and why they think thoseparticular skills are going to be right for you."

 To assess the skills of certain agencies, ask for case studies demonstrating the agency's past projects. Keep in mind that case studies are not meant to exhibit their experience in your industry, 


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