‘Influencer Marketing Is Hot. So Hot, There Are Cat Influencers’ – Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

Influencer Marketing Is Hot. So Hot, There Are Cat Influencers

Content is surely the king. But influencers, crown this content king. The impact of influencer marketing is evident from the popularity gained by our favorite series of fantasy novels ‘Harry Potter’. It’s only 43 influencers who drove majority of share conversations. With estimates from surveys about the rise of influencer marketing and ineffectiveness of traditional tactics by global trusted companies such as PwC, Nielsen, Forrester Research etc. it isn’t surprising to expect something as crazy as pets making thousands of dollars, having millions of followers and with net worth in billions. Meanwhile words like petfluencer, pelbrities, pet blogging, petworking, pawesome and petselfie etc. are all over internet. Brands aren’t making these pets such as food, sleep, emotions and thoughts. And all these in turn will affect your exam performance. So can you manage to be stress-free at all times? That’s highly unlikely so the next best thing that you can do is learn to effectively manage it. And as an MBA aspirant and/or a current student, stress management is one of the most required skills you’d need to be effective and to ensure that your team is effective.

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Biggest advantage of engaging with influencers

Biggest advantage of engaging with influencers not only brings her audience but also her audience’s network as well. Influencers can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of customer, business and environment – fashionistas with huge Instagram followings, foodie bloggers, artists with the best Pinterest feeds, travelers with huge subscribers on Youtube, content marketing experts with very active and engaged blogs, the list goes on. C-level executives, speakers and consultants, authors and bloggers etc. are influencers in B2B context

Execution is a five step process comprising

1. Identification & evaluation: For identification and evaluation, analytical and web tools are employed which measure parameters reflecting above-mentioned traits 

2. Designing of strategy of engagement 

3. Identification of influencer’s ecosystem and assessing her interests

 4. Engaging & negotiating with influencers and 

5. Measuring return on influence.

These influencers in return expect reach, content, brand affiliation, exclusive information, money and experiences. From influencer becoming a consumer to brand advocate, the relationship built between company and influencer is a step-process, with influencer climbing each level of ladder of engagement.



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